Monday, December 13, 2010

Kofta in a record 30 minutes time and life long fan following !!

We buy vegetables every Saturday morning, so it lasts us for a week. The vegetables are usually the same, and we are content with our cabbage and paneer and bhindis !! Last Saturday, i woke up 6, because of my running nose and for the sheer lack of having nothing to do, i switched on Aastha channel.For those of how with funny expressions of "what channel ??" on your faces, this is a religious channel which mints money through its huge fan following, people who do Pranayam and listen to "aapkey sitaarey "

I am not a huge fan of Yoga yet, but i do agree that a little bit of Pranayam will go a long way in keeping us healthy. Also consumption of bottle gourd or lowki can keep away many ailments. So i thought , why not try a sexier and more glamorous version of the lowly lowki . So Koftas was on the menu for dinner.

I started cooking at 7 and was done by 7 :30 in the evening, and i soaked in all the smells of the ginger and cumin flirting in my house !

Stuff needed for the sexy lowki kofta ! 

2 cups of grated lowki (bottle gourd)
2 teaspoons of grated ginger
1 large grated onion
5 table spoons besan (Chickpea flour)
1 green chilly
 Mix all the above together. You got to grate the vegetables with your hand, then add in the chick pea flour to hold them together in way, you can shallow fry them. The beginning will look like this.

After adding the flour, make the koftas, which are small round patty shaped and need to be shallow friend in refined oil, till brown and well cooked, in a kadai.

While the koftas are frying, start multi tasking and make a paste of the following. And cut 3 medium sized potatoes into medium sized pieces.

For the gravy paste 
1 large tomato
10 garlic pods
1 inch long ginger strips
1 large onion

  I had around 8 medium sized koftas fried in 10 minutes, so i got set to fry the potatoes till brown on the outside and soft inside.

Once the koftas look arrogantly sexy and tanned, and the potatoes are tender to touch, heat some oil in the same kadai and wait for it to heat up.

The final touches to your Sexy Lowki Koftas

a pinch of cumin seeds 
1 bayleaf
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon chilly powder
1 teaspoon garam masala
1/2 teaspoon sugar

As the oil heats up, watch the cumin seeds splutter and the bayleaf gently wilt into the oil.
and finally add the impatient paste you had made, which is now turning red with pride, because it will be adding great taste to your dish..dont believe me ?? look ...

 Start frying the paste and add your turmeric, chilly and garam masala powder along with the salt and sugar. Fry the paste on high flame, till it changes colour into a darker shade and starts giving out oil from the sides. Pour in 2 cups of water to this paste and cover it with a lid for 5 minutes. By this time, you will see you have 5 minutes left and then you remove the lid and add the potatoes and the koftas !!

Ahh see the babies lapping up the flavours of the gravy.

Cover the kadai and cook for another 4  minutes, till the koftas are softened and the juices are inside them.

That it, all set to serve with rotis or rice. Sprinkle some coriander and if you run out of any garnishing, just kiss the man when you serve his this for dinner and it will do good. !

I tried making this for the first time and i assure you, i have a man who is now very fond of the lowly lowki :)

Time Check : 7:35PM :)


Torviewtoronto said...

thank you for following :)
this looks delicious

Tahemeem said...

Wonderful write up...
Thanks a lot for following me :)

Mehnaz Kapadia said...

Glad to come across ur blog! Lovely start with lovely recipes! :)

Shaheen said...

I too like shopping at the weekend for the veg to last us whole week. I liek the step by step insturctions but wish you had shown the bottle gourd whole. As I donot think I have seen a 'lowki'.I would love to try this dish. After chilli, cumin is my next favourite spice.

Satya said...

the kofta curry looks very tempting sure know how to win your man's heart : )

Vijitha said...

First time here. You have a lovely space. Yummy post.

Studio V said...

Great recipe.. so happy to stumble upon your blog today.. have you ever thought of scrapbooking your recipes?

Anyesha said...

So my sister sent me a link to your blog, I believe you guys were classmates. As they say, thank God for little sisters. Love your writing style and the recipes. Keep them coming.